Saturday, June 25, 2011

Claudy Conn Regency Author Turned Paranormal Author--On Writing!

 Today I'm thrilled to have as my guest, Claudy Conn, whose 40 bestselling Regency Romance novels I eagerly devoured when she was writing as Claudette Williams. I loved her Regencies and I love her paranormals; but I had ask why she decided to switch genres...and this is her reply.

  Someone asked me recently why I write paranormal/fantasy romance as opposed to the regency and historical I used to write, and this is my answer:

   Paranormal Romance—gives off its own aura. One’s imagination immediately begins to come to life and move out of the ordinary. Romance takes on a new connotation, and breaks through conventional walls to find a dream fantasy burst lustily into being. And if a writer is worth his/her salt, that is what is supposed to happen for their readers.

   As a writer I want my readers to feel what my heroine—my hero feel, see what they see and experience all the possibilities.

   Discovering the paranormal/fantasy world of romance opened a new dimension for me as a writer.

   Research gave me the Tuatha Dé (the Irish Fae), and I discovered that Prince Breslyn had a life all his own, and he wanted us to know about it, admire it, and love it as he did.

  And then, with the vampire walking into our living rooms as a romantic figure, an entire new world invaded my mind with a force that demanded attention.

   I think we first saw the intriguing and romantic side of the Vampire when Frank Langella played the part on stage. I know I was leaning forward baring my neck the night I was lucky enough to be in the audience watching him at his best! He took the part to the screen and opened up a world for viewers and writers alike. It took the concept of evil and displayed the many sides that shaded into good.

   Twilight was born and gave us the non-blood drinking vamps…and the shape-shifters and once again I was swept up and away into the world of paranormal and fantasy.

   Thus, my Shadowlove-Stalkers was born, combining in a sense the two worlds that I so love. The notion of the immortals (not too far off from the Fae), and a half vampire woman trying desperately to retain who she is came to being and suggested my Shadow series.  

   Working furiously now on the next sequel, Shadowheart-Slayer and loving it. My Legend series continues August 1st with Trapped-Legend and in between, I discovered a witch out for revenge—DARKLOVE, which I think The Wild Rose Press should be releasing in September.

  Quite a bit going on in my fantasy world, but I have a question, if you had the opportunity to be immortal…knowing the consequences of living forever, would you? Would you choose to be immortal?
Claudy Conn

Smiles & Good Reading,
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  1. Hi Claudy! You're a very interesting lady. I've adored your writing for years. I was thrilled when I realized that you'd come back to write paranormal romance. You're stories have never failed to entirely captive me and many times, much more than I can count, they have left me breathless.
    And decpite the consequences, I would happily live forever if Breslyn was around to play with. :)

  2. Since I love both historicals and paranormals, I know where you're coming from. But there is something very dangerous about the paranormals that is very appealing. I don't think I'd want to live forever. Who'd want to watch all their friends and loved ones die?

  3. I would NEVER choose to be immortal. Too much pain, over & over again.

  4. My own paranormal--which hopefully I can force myself to stop editing and actually release sometime in the next few weeks--features a somewhat ragtag trio of immortals moving through time together, and deals heavily with the downside of both immortality and aging.
    Smiles and Good Reading,