How To Promote Your Book Author Interview

How and Where To Promote Your Book Author Interview And Giveaway
Book Promotion On A Teeny Tiny Budget Or None At All.
Writing a book is tough; but promoting it is even more so. If you are not careful, it can also cost you more to promote your book than you will ever make in sales--which may or may not be OK with you, depending on your ultimate goal. I.E. Do you want to sell copies of this particular book, or do you want to build a name for yourself as an author etc. ?
Either way, in today's electronically driven world the competition for both sales and promotional slots is fierce--which is why we require that you provide a promotional item to giveaway to one lucky commentator. People online like gifts, contests and other opportunities to win, and they have been trained to expect something in exchange for taking their valuable time to comment on your blog. That is also why I provide the musical jigsaw puzzles--it helps everyone to walk away a winner--since it serves as an additional promotional item for our authors and a gift for our visitors who will then remember you fondly whether or not they are the lucky winner of your book or promotional item.
Also, be sure to subscribe to the comments, and post a friendly reply when one of our visitors posts a comment on your Interview and Giveaway.  This not only lets them know that you as the author have taken time out of your busy day to show your appreciation for their visit, but also helps to establish a relationship--and that is very important because it makes them feel a connection to you that makes them want to read your book and help you to promote it.
Below you will find a few more unusual or non-traditional places to post your Interview and Giveaway.  Please take the time to do at least one or more a day.  This will not only build backlinks to your interview that will last long after the giveaway closes, but it will help build traffic for increased visibility and name recognition for you as an author and increase your sales opportunities both now and in the future.
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Super Coupon Lady Facebook Giveaway Page
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Twitter  use the #giveaway, or #contest, or #win tag in your post
Project Wonderful
Here and There Contest QuestGoodReads Set up an event in an appropriately interested group and invite members to come and comment.
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Lucas's Journey
Thirty-five years ago, inspired by the writings of Georgette Heyer, and little more than fresh out of high school, I wrote a Regency Romance novel entitled, A Very Merry Chase, which I finally published last year.  Then and now history in all it’s forms was my first love–especially women’s history. These days I have two degrees in history; however a graduate degree in women’s studies was not an option at the university where I received my MA so I had to make do with a more generalized degree. Thus, in every class I made up for the lack by researching the condition of women in each age that I studied. I have always been fascinated by women’s history, so I thought I would start sharing some of the lost treasures that I uncover… and besides the truth of the matter is, most of women’s history was never written, and if was written it was downplayed, so in many cases our only real source of insight into a woman’s station in life were stories and women’s journal articles written by men, and sometimes women, for upper class ladies to read. I believe that most people have curious minds and like glimpses of how the world was, and how things were perceived in the past. I firmly believe in the idea that we must remember history in order to learn from it, grow and hopefully cut down on the number of stupid mistakes that random impulse and intellectual curiosity and greed and a thousand other human motivators lead us to make.
Smiles and Good Fortune,
Teresa Thomas Bohannon
Author of the Regency Romance novel, A Very Merry Chase
Founder of The LadyWeb Family Of Informational & Educational Websites
It is not wealth one asks for, but just enough to preserve one’s dignity, to work unhampered, to be generous, frank and independent.
– W. Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965) Of Human Bondage, 1915