MyLadyWeb and A Very Merry Chase

Hello and Welcome to MyLadyWeb.Com  Thank you for visiting us today.   I just wanted to share a quick word about how and why we are here.  It actually all started 35 years ago when I wrote my very first novel, an old-fashioned comedy of errors style Regency Romance entitled A Very Merry Chase--inspired by the wonderful Regencies written by Georgette Heyer.

So what in the world does that have to do with why we are here today; because in late 2010, I decided to enter the world of independent publishing--and I started with the very first book I ever wrote, my beloved Regency Romance, A Very Merry Chase.  And that, as it turns out, was the easy part!  The real work, it seems, is not really in writing or editing--at least not if you've already been doing it, more or less, for 35 years--the real work, as it turns out, is actually in promoting the books.

Now this part wasn't quite a difficult for me as it was for some other people out there, because I have been working online for over 15 years now.  However, it did mean that I had to figure out how to put all of the skills I had learned over the years working online to good use as a book promoter.  And that, is why I am here today.  I decided that as long as I was going to have to jump through dozens of hoops, and spend hours of perfectly good writing time promoting my book, I might as well help some other authors--particularly women authors--along the way.

And so there you have it.  MyLadyWeb, which was originally dedicated to women's business and women's history is now transformed into a haven for writers who want to promote their books, with a bit of women's history tossed into the mix for fun and wisdom.  So, here at MyLadyWeb.Com I'll freely share what I've learned and invite other women authors and professional book promoters and reviewers to do so as well.  I'll also offer complimentary interviews and other tools to help newly fledged and aspiring authors to promote their books online.  Plus there will be the opportunity for guest reviews--because I'm too soft-hearted to ever review books myself :)   And as time passes, I'm sure there will be other additions and innovations.  So, come along with us for the ride and enjoy!

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