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Author Interview With Rebecca Irvine Christian Family Author

Rebecca Irvine, AuthorToday, I'm delighted to welcome Rebecca Irvine, Christian Family Author.  Rebecca and I became acquainted when she won a copy of my Regency Romance Novel, A Very Merry Chase in a Giveaway early this year and then posted a lovely review.  When the link popped up on one of my Google alerts, I stopped by her blog for a visit and was delightfully surprised to discover that Rebecca was also an author--and an illustrator--and that her blog was filled with fun and fascinating articles and other items making it well worth the visit.  (Be sure to check out her hilarious comments on the weekly Police Beat items in her local newspaper--I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.)  I immediately invited Rebecca to interview here so my readers would have the opportunity to become acquainted with her and her marvelous books.  In honor of the occasion, Rebecca will be giving away a copy of her book, Family Home Evening Adventures to one lucky person leaving a comment here, and I have made one of my musical jigsaw puzzles featuring the cover as a Keepsake, just to thank everyone for stopping by to visit.  Q. Tell us a bit about Yourself:
 A. Here is my standard short bio: Rebecca Irvine is a graduate of Brigham Young University where she earned both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Communications. She served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in England.  In addition to a love of writing, Irvine followed in her father's footsteps and became a college professor. Rebecca is married and the mother of three fabulous kids. Works by Irvine include 'Adventures with the Word of God' (Horizon/CFI 2008) and 'Family Home Evening Adventures' (Horizon/CFI 2009).
Q. Tell us about your history as a writer:
 A. I have always loved to read and enjoyed books, but I kind of stumbled into being an author. My first book was a set of scripture study aides I had developed for use with my own children. Too often I had seen my kids' eyes gloss over during family scripture study. I wanted to help them be more interested. After developing a number of monthly themes that seemed to work well, I decided to make a book of them and see if I could get it published. After being turned down by one publisher, the manuscript was picked up by Horizon (CFI). My second book was intended to be a book of scripture study aides as well, but the publisher had me switch it to be FHE lessons.
Q. What was it about writing that captured your fancy?
 A. I wanted to be a writer from a very young age, but never really equated that thought with being an author. My father is a marketing professor, which beget in me a love of advertising from a very young age--I wanted to be a copywriter from about age 13 on. In college I majored in advertising communications; I loved it so much I never had to switch. Unfortunately, later I learned copywriters do not earn much money. I ended up in marketing research, which involves a lot of writing as well (just not as fun or creative).
Q. Do you have an all-time favorite novel and what elements make it your favorite?
 A. I do not have an all-time favorite, but some of my favorite classical authors include Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and Shakespeare. I love their use of language and humor. Additionally, I collect Emilie Loring novels, which are some favorites from my youth. As for authors currently living, I greatly admire Janette Rallison. Her work is laugh-out-loud funny, yet clean and uplifting.
 Q. How do you research your books?
 A. I turn to any resources I can, whether on the Internet, in books, or other publications. Currently, I am doing a bunch of research for a new manuscript and it involves pulling information from textbooks, magazines, encyclopedias, and other non-fiction books. I often find these resources by closely reviewing bibliographies of other reliable publications.
Q. Tell us about your favorite story that you have written, and why it's your favorite?
 A. I do not write much in the way of fiction; however, I really enjoyed writing a short story last winter based on an experience of my dad and grandfather. I think it meant a lot to me because of the heritage and family history involved. In fact, my grandfather has since passed away and I have been even more grateful I wrote it. And I am interested in writing a novel about his life.
On Writing:
Q. Is there anything you absolutely must have in order to write?
 A. I find it hard to write without my laptop. On occasion, in times of desperation, I have written on paper or on napkins. But I dislike having to type it all in later. I feel like it is doubling the work effort.

Q. What is the most difficult part of writing for you?

 A. Time! I often have a hard time keeping a regular schedule for writing what I want to write. In addition to being a mom of three (four if you count my dh ;-), I work two part-time jobs. So my schedule for writing is often here and there.
Q. What's a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write?
 A. When I am in a good groove I spend an hour a day, usually from 2 to 3 pm before the kids get home from school, with the goal to get about 1,000 words down. I usually work in my home office on my laptop; sometimes I sit on my bed with my laptop instead. I also do a lot of writing on the weekends (Friday nights work great for me).
Q. Tell us a little bit about your life online and any sites you maintain.
 A. My blog is the one big online presence I maintain Originally it was called Scripture Mom, but my publisher wanted readers to be able to find me online more readily and requested I change it. In addition to my blog I try to be on facebook regularly, which is linked into Twitter. I also have an author page on Goodreads.
 Just For Fun:
 Q. What is your favorite quote?
 A.  One of my favorite quotes is “Truth well told,” which is the slogan for a famous advertising agency called McCann-Erickson. In college I was an intern in their New York office where I worked on the Ponds cold cream account. I think this quote is what I strive to achieve in my books.
Q. Where is your favorite place to read?
 A. In bed—sometimes in the afternoon I sneak a few minutes of reading in while my kids are busy with their after school antics. A large window by my bed provides plenty of natural light. And then sometimes I read an hour or so before going to sleep. I usually have at least three or four books stacked up on my bedside table.
 Q. If you were a supernatural or mythological entity, what, or who, would you be, and why?
 A. Hmmm… I am not a big sci-fi kind of person. My husband suggests I should be Mr. Predict-the-future-of-the-stock-market Guy. That may not be so bad. On the other hand, an angel would be something more up my line because I would enjoy helping others and being able to fly. And I love the scripture, “O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart…”
Q. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you desperately want with you, and why?
 A. Practical me says, “Food, water, and a hand-crank radio to call my rescuers.”
The stressed-out, wants-to-run-away mom in me says, “A fully loaded/charged Nook, Thanksgiving dinner, and a Pottery Barn inspired cabana in which to relax.”
Rebecca's Blog
Rebecca on Twitter
And that dear readers, is your introduction to the author Rebecca Irvine, I hope you have enjoyed meeting her as much as I did.  Now, before you run off, be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of Rebecca's family friendly book, Family Home Evening Adventures, and don't forget to download your complimentary musical jigsaw puzzle of the cover to share with your family.

Smiles & Good Fortune,
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