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A Frankish noble named Sigismer, who lived a.d. 600, was to marry a Visigoth princess. A Roman soldier saw their wedding, and gave the following description of it in a letter to a friend:

"As you are so fond of beholding war and armor, it would have been a great pleasure for you if you had seen the royal youth Sigismer dressed as a bridegroom, according to the custom of his people, walking to his father-in-law's house. His horse was decorated with brilliant housings, and other horses went before and behind him all glittering with precious stones. The bridegroom, however, did not ride, for it was considered more becoming that he should go on foot among his comrades, dressed in bright purple, with ornaments of red gold and white silk, while his hair, complexion, and skin were in keeping with these ornaments. But the appearance of his comrades was formidable even in peace: their feet up to the ankles were encased in rough boots, above which their shins, knees, and thighs were bare. Besides these, they wore a short tight-fitting tunic of many colors, which did not reach down to the knees. The sleeves reached only to the elbows, the bright green tunic contrasting sharply with the ruddy limbs. Their swords were suspended by straps from their shoulders, and stuck close to their fur-clad hips. The same dress which serves them for ornament serves also for defense. In the right hand they carried barbed lances and battle-axes, which can also be used as missiles; and in the left a shield, with a snow-white rim and yellow boss. This shield is evidence of the wealth of its owner, as well as of the skill of its maker. Altogether everything was so arranged that the whole seemed to be not merely a bridal procession, but a military one also."

 Compiled From Sources In The Public Domain.

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