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Shadows In A timeless Myth Presents A Nineteenth Century Women of Renowned Talent

Leonora Jackson.

Of the many American girls who have made riches and reputations as violinists, none is better known to the musical world of this country and abroad than Leonora Jackson. Still a girl as far as years go, she has acquired a reputation as a virtuoso that usually comes to one in the sere and yellow times of life. She was born in Boston, February 20, 1879. After an education received in Chicago public schools, during which time she studied her favorite instrument, she went abroad and became a pupil in the Royal school of music, Berlin. While still a child, she made her début in Europe and scored an instantaneous success. She has appeared in concerts with Paderewski, Patti and other famous singers and musicians and has added to her reputation by scores of performances before musical societies in America and on the continent. Audiences of the Boston symphony orchestra concerts know her well. During the season of 1900 and 1901 she gave one hundred and sixty concerts in the United States, securing for herself in this connection a national reputation. Queen Victoria decorated her as a recognition of her talents. Miss Jackson has also appeared before the German empress and many other notables of Europe.

 Maud Powell.

The popularity of Maud Powell, the violinist, amongst musically inclined people is not altogether due to a recognition of her genius. Those who know her life story know, too, that the place which she now occupies in the eye of the public has been obtained at the expense of a tremendous amount of work, in the face of many obstacles. Besides that, she is a typical American girl, which means that she is the possessor of the pluck independence and perseverance which are supposed to be characteristic of the citizens of the United States. Miss Powell was born in Peru, Illinois, August 22, 1868. She studied in the common schools at Aurora, Illinois, and, after some preliminary instruction on the violin in this country, took an advanced course of study in Leipzig, Paris and Berlin. As a pupil of the famous Joachim she gave promises of a brilliant future. Miss Powell is best known to the American public through the medium of her solos given in connection with orchestral concerts of Thomas, Seidl, Gericke, Nikisch, Damrosch and others. In 1892 she toured Australia and Germany with the New York Arion society, and, in 1896, on the strength of the popularity which she had established in her preceding tour, made another and most successful visit to Europe. She has contributed liberally on musical topics to a number of periodicals. Yet, as far as the American public is concerned, the fame of Maud Powell is permanently identified with her violin, rather than with her pen.

Compiled from sources in the public domain.
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