Monday, September 9, 2013

The Clever Young Lady Who Discovered Her Worth Before It Was Too Late

  'A young lady, the daughter of the owner of a large and stately manner, was addressed by a man who, though agreeable to her, was disliked by her father. Of course, he would not consent to their union, and so she was determined to disappear and elope. The night was fixed, the hour came, her suitor placed the ladder to the window, and in a few minutes she was in his arms.

They mounted a double horse, and were soon at some distance from the house. After awhile the lady broke silence by saying, 'Well, you see what a proof I have given you of my affection; I hope you will make me a good husband!'

"He somewhat gruffly answered, 'Perhaps I may, and perhaps not.'

"She made him no reply, but, after a few minutes' silence, she suddenly exclaimed, 'O, what shall we do? I have left my jewels behind me in my room!'

"'Then,' said he, 'we must go and fetch them.' They were soon again at the house, the ladder was again placed, the lady remounted, while the ill-natured suitor waited below. But she delayed her return, and so he gently called, 'Are you coming?' when she looked out of the window and said, 'Perhaps I may, and perhaps not,' then shut down the window, and left him to return upon the double horse alone."

 Compiled From Sources In The Public Domain.

 Ladies who  are abducted and prevail...and those who do not, figure prominently in the plot of Shadows In A Timeless Myth.

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