Monday, January 23, 2012

Shadows In A Timeless Myth Presents - Fates and Furies


Q. Who were the Fates?

A. They were three sisters, the daughters of Chaos, who were appointed to watch over the thread of human life. Their names were, Clotho, Lach´esis and At´ropos; Clotho drew the thread between her fingers; Lach´esis turned the wheel, and, at the appointed moment, At´ropos cut the thread with her scissors.

Q. Who were the Furies?

Ans. They were three sisters, Alec´to, Tisi´phone, and Megæ´ra. They are called by the poets the Daughters of Night; their office was to torment the wicked during life and after death.

Q. How were they represented?

A. As hideous women with terrible countenances; they had twining serpents instead of hair, and carried snaky whips and lighted torches in their hands. They were often called by the Greeks Eumen´ides.

Q. Of what were the Furies an emblem?

A. Of the evil passions of men, and the remorse which torments the wicked. When the ancients said of a man, that the Furies had taken up their abode with him, they meant that the remembrance of his crimes did not leave him any repose.

 Compiled From Sources In The Public Domain.

Just for note: The Fates play a role in Shadows In A Timeless Myth, just not in the way you might imagine after reading the above.

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